Biggest & Fastest Grocery Delivery App in Dubai

Clikat is the First App allows You to shop Grocery Items form Multiple Stores Around You. Clikat is the biggest Grocery platform with more than 20,000 Grocery Items. Now you can compare prices of product from multi suppliers around you and pick the cheapest rate. With Multi search option you don't have to search for each product individually, just add your list of item and hit search and we get things delivered faster than you can imagine.

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Clikat Mobile App Fruits and Vegetables Delivery App

Clikat App Features

Compare Price

Compare product Price form Multiplier around your area.

Bar-code Scanner

Simply Scan The barcode of product and order it within a second

Multiple Product Search

Prepare multi product search list and search for it in one Screen.

Order Tracking

Track Your Confirmed order and check the status of delivery

Order Scheduler

Schedule all orders & needs for future date automatically

More Features

Many Other Features for (Live Support, Favourite suppliers, Supplier Rating and comments and..More)

Clikat App Features

How it Works

Clikat Charity

Clikat aims to start the first line of its success story attached with their smile. Together we can make their life better – Clikat contributes on charity and social responsibility by donating a part of the profit to the orphanage around the world, aiming to reach with our donation to the most needed part of the world. (We Can't Make It Without Your Contribution)

Partner with Us

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